To save democracy, recommit to principles of the rule of law and human rights at home

January 12, 2021 | The CT Mirror | Kathryn Libal, Director for the Human Right Institute & Glenn Mitoma, Director of Dodd Impact, University of Connecticut

protesters gathering outside the Capitol

"The fascist riot at the U.S. Capitol is a fitting denouement of the Trump Presidency.  His incitement of thousands of white supremacists, conspiracy theorists, and others caught in the thrall of his cult of personality demonstrated once and for all that there is nothing he won’t do to cling to power – -and nothing some won’t do to keep him there.

Whether by the 25th Amendment, a second impeachment, or the inexorable approach of January 20, Trump’s presidency is ending.  But for the United States to recover from this near miss with a Trump dictatorship, we must commit to rebuilding our democracy on a foundation of accountability, truth-telling, and human rights."

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