UConn American English Language Institute (UCAELI)

Since 1990, the University of Connecticut American English Language Institute (UCAELI), has provided English instruction to more than 3,000 students from countries throughout the world. UCAELI supports all students in pursuit of their goals by providing high quality instruction and access to the university’s academic, professional, social and cultural resources. We look forward to welcoming you to our international community of language learners. Learn More…

Team Members

Jeannie Slayton, Assistant Director
Email: jeannie.slayton@uconn.edu
Phone: 860-486-8484

Alexandra Schipani, Program Assistant II
Email: alexandra.schipani@uconn.edu
Phone: 860-486-0307

Andrew Santos, Lecturer
Email: andrew.santos@uconn.edu
Phone: 860-486-5094