1. 10/1HRI Lunchtime Seminar, Predrag Dojcinovic
  1. 10/1AAASI 4100 Class
  1. 10/2Patrick Kennedy: Mental Health is Essential Health
  1. 10/2Uconn Police Department's Understanding Hate & Bias Crimes
  1. 10/3Panel on the Future of Work: Closing the Skills Gap
  1. 10/4Lunchtime Seminar, Sheila Hayre, Visiting Associate Professor of Law, Quinnipiac University
  1. 10/4AsACC Staff Meeting
  1. 10/7PAC - Weekly Meeting
  1. 10/8Pre-Completion Practical Training (CPT + Pre-OPT) - Hartford
  1. 10/8Doing Psychedelic Anthropology in the Peruvian Amazon
  1. 10/8Pre-Completion Practical Training (CPT+Pre-OPT) - Stamford
  1. 10/8AAASI 4100 Class
  1. 10/8Queerness in Latinx Communities
  1. 10/9 Fall Tertulia Lunch Lecture Series
  1. 10/9Chai Time
  1. 10/10Teaching and Learning Through Campus Collections
  1. 10/10OPT Workshop (Post-Completion)-Stamford
  1. 10/10OPT for Master's and Doctoral Students with Thesis/Dissertation (Post-Completion)
  1. 10/10Book launch for "Tethered Fates Companies, Communities, and Rights at Stake" by Shareen Hertel, Associate Professor of Political Science and Human Rights
  1. 10/10Film Screening: Orisha Devotion
  1. 10/10Sonidos Unidos Open Mic
  1. 10/11Connecticut Law Review Symposium - How We Argue Now: The Moral Foundations of Politics & Law
  1. 10/11OPT Workshop (Post-Completion) - Hartford
  1. 10/11Annual Economic and Social Rights Lecture
  1. 10/12ISSS Family Weekend Event
  1. 10/12Family Weekend Open House
  1. 10/13Commemoration of the Jewish Community in Rhodes, Greece
  1. 10/14The Persistence of Myth: Brazil's Undead Racial Democracy
  1. 10/14The Persistence of Myth: Brazil's Undead Racial Democracy
  1. 10/14PAC - Weekly Meeting
  1. 10/15Living in Las Americas: Migration and Communities
  1. 10/15OPT for Bachelor's and Plan B Master's Students (Post-Completion)
  1. 10/15A CHRONICLE OF HOPE Revisiting the Genocide Against the Tutsi in Rwanda
  1. 10/15AAASI 4100 Class
  1. 10/16 HACHA: Alternative Hour for a Hospitable Community of Border-Crossing Academics
  1. 10/16Education Abroad 101
  1. 10/16Navigating US Job and Internship Search Panel
  1. 10/16Film, Residente by Rene Perez
  1. 10/17Borders of Belonging: Struggle and Solidarity in Mixed-Status Immigrant Families
  1. 10/17Fighting for Dignity: Migrant Lives at Israel’s Margins - Book launch and panel discussion
  1. 10/17Immaterial Remains: Can You Preserve a Shadow
  1. 10/18AsACC Staff Meeting
  1. 10/19ISSS Outings: West Rock Ridge Hike
  1. 10/19KUBE Gathering
  1. 10/21Centering Youth Voices in Human Rights Education and Advocacy
  1. 10/21Lecture: "De las prolongaciones de lo humano: artefactos culturales y protocolos alternativos de la experiencia", by Luis Miguel Isava.
  1. 10/21PAC - Weekly Mtg & Workplace Diversity Panel
  1. 10/22OPT Workshop (Post-Completion) - Hartford
  1. 10/22UConn Food and Revolution: The Cuban Experience Information Session
  1. 10/22"In the Thick" Live from Connecticut: Immigration
  1. 10/22AAASI 4100 Class
  1. 10/23CPT and Pre-Completion OPT (Working in the U.S. Before You Graduate)
  1. 10/23Education Abroad 101
  1. 10/23Education Abroad 101
  1. 10/23Pang!
  1. 10/23True Justice Screening
  1. 10/24"Forced into Genocide" Book Discussion with Adrienne Alexanian
  1. 10/24Chit-ChAAt: Amanda Waters
  1. 10/25Pre-Completion Practical Training (CPT + Pre-OPT) - Hartford
  1. 10/25Education Abroad 101
  1. 10/25OPT for Master's and Doctoral Students with Thesis/Dissertation (Post-Completion)
  1. 10/28OPT for Bachelor's and Plan B Master's Students (Post-Completion)
  1. 10/28Expand Your Career Options
  1. 10/28PAC - Weekly Meeting
  1. 10/29ISSS Coffee Hour Party in the USA
  1. 10/29From Civil Rights to Human Rights: African American, West Indian and Puerto Rican Housing Struggles in Hartford County
  1. 10/29AAASI 4100 Class
  1. 10/30Chai Time