1. 10/1ISSS Hartford Closed
  1. 10/1ISSS Closing Early
  1. 10/1Stay Informed @ The ISSS Student & Scholar Meeting
  1. 10/1Salon: An Immigrant's Vision
  1. 10/4Careers In Advocacy
  1. 10/5Academic Job Search Overview
  1. 10/6DDI Fellows Meeting
  1. 10/6Encounters Dialogue: Getting Housing Right
  1. 10/7ISSS Hartford Closed
  1. 10/7CPT/Pre-Completion OPT Workshop
  1. 10/7International Jewish Humanitarianism In The Age Of The Great War
  1. 10/8Optional Practical Training (OPT) Workshop
  1. 10/10CVs For Academic And Industry Jobs
  1. 10/11Land Grab CT Web Launch
  1. 10/11Developing Your Academic Job Search Materials
  1. 10/13Optional Practical Training (OPT) Workshop
  1. 10/14Climate Change Research & Policy In CT: Strategies For Promoting Equity & Inclusion
  1. 10/14Keynote Address: Tristan Ahtone And Robert Lee #LANDGRABU
  1. 10/14Exhibiting Racism In Museums Puppet Forum With William F. Condee And Schroeder Cherry
  1. 10/17CV To Résumé Conversion - Graduate Students & Postdocs
  1. 10/19ISSS Hartford Closed
  1. 10/19Optional Practical Training (OPT) Workshop
  1. 10/19ISSS New Students Social
  1. 10/19Tips For Writing Diversity Statements
  1. 10/20DDI Fellows Drop-In Workshop
  1. 10/20Human Rights Film+ Series: Letters From Nuremberg
  1. 10/20Rainbow Center Art Gala
  1. 10/21ISSS Webinar: Spring 2022 Arrival And Study Information
  1. 10/21Task Force On Inequality-Related Financial Disclosures (TIFD)
  1. 10/21ISSS Coffee Hour: Peru
  1. 10/22What Role Should Central Banks Play In Dealing With Environmental And Social Challenges Like Climate Change And Inequality?
  1. 10/24Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) - Tips You Need
  1. 10/25Optional Practical Training (OPT) Workshop
  1. 10/27Israel's Response To The COVID-19 Pandemic
  1. 10/28CPT/Pre-Completion OPT Workshop