1. 10/3Pre-Completion Practical Training (CPT and Pre-OPT) Workshop UConn Law - In Person
  1. 10/4Optional Practical Training (OPT) Workshop - In Person - Sign Up Required
  1. 10/4Swords Into Ploughshares? Why Human Rights Abuses Persist After Resistance Campaigns
  1. 10/5CPT & Pre-Completion OPT Workshop - Virtual
  1. 10/6Post-Completion OPT Workshop (In-Person, Hartford)
  1. 10/6Grad Buddy Social: Canvas Painting Party
  1. 10/11Navigating U.S. Jobs and Internship Search
  1. 10/12Optional Practical Training (OPT) Workshop - Virtual
  1. 10/12Myles Martel Lecture In Leadership And Public Opinion: As Ukraine Goes, So Goes The World - Thoughts On Propaganda, Violence, And Democracy
  1. 10/14Optional Practical Training (OPT) Workshop - In Person - Sign Up Required
  1. 10/17ISSS Stamford In Person CPT & Pre-Completion OPT Workshop
  1. 10/20CPT/Pre-Completion OPT Workshop (In-Person)
  1. 10/20ISSS Stamford In Person Optional Practical Training Workshop - Sign Up Required-
  1. 10/24ISSS Hartford Closed
  1. 10/25ISSS Hartford Closed
  1. 10/25CPT & Pre-Completion OPT Workshop - In person- Sign Up Required
  1. 10/26ISSS Hartford Closed
  1. 10/27ISSS Hartford Closed
  1. 10/27CISS Coffee Hour: The Bahamas
  1. 10/27Picturing the Pandemic Exhibition Opening Reception
  1. 10/28ISSS Hartford Closed
  1. 10/29ISSS Hartford Closed
  1. 10/30ISSS Hartford Closed
  1. 10/31ISSS Hartford Closed
  1. 10/31Optional Practical Training (OPT) Workshop - Virtual