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  • Spring 2020 – UConn Recognized As Top Producer of Fulbright Scholars
    UConn Recognized As Top Producer of Fulbright Scholars Written by Mike Enright ('88), University Communications February 10, 2020 The University of Connecticut has been recognized among the top producers of Fulbright U.S. Scholars from research institutions for the second time in the past four years. The University has six Fulbright Scholars on its faculty who […]
    Posted on February 13, 2020
  • Spring 2020 – Beyond Duty
    “Beyond Duty: Diplomats Recognized as Righteous Among the Nations” opened at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center Wednesday evening.
    Posted on February 6, 2020
  • 2019 Fall – Worldfest Celebration
    2019 WORLDFEST GOES GREEN Written and filmed by Nicholas Hampton, Multimedia Project Specialist November 20, 2019 With 195 countries, the world can feel like a pretty big place and with over 30 thousand students, so can the University of Connecticut. Worldfest is a place where students, faculty, and local residents can make the world and […]
    Posted on November 20, 2019


RSS UConn Today – #Global

  • Study: When More Pain Means More Gain September 3, 2019
    Researchers found positive psychological outcomes and increased well-being in participants who performed an extreme annual ritual as part of a national celebration.
    Elaina Hancock
  • Snapshot: Elic Weitzel in Kosovo June 28, 2019
    A UConn graduate student in archaeology just returned from a research trip to Kosovo, where he is helping collect and identify artifacts to help understand the history of the region.
    Elaina Hancock
  • Education Abroad: Drew-Asia Keating ’20, London, England April 24, 2019
    First-generation college student Drew Asia-Keating '20 (CLAS) says her Education Abroad experience in London took her out of her comfort zone.
    Mike Enright '88 (CLAS), University Communications
  • Education Abroad: Luis Rivera ’19, Prague, Czech Republic April 19, 2019
    Accounting major Luis Rivera '19 (BUS) says his Education Abroad experience in Prague, Czech Republic, helped him grow as a person.
    Mike Enright '88 (CLAS), University Communications
  • Education Abroad: Omaniel Ortiz ’20, London, England April 11, 2019
    For first-generation college student Omaniel Ortiz, his Education Abroad experience in London was the first time he traveled outside the U.S.
    Mike Enright '88 (CLAS), University Communications


  1. 2/24 OPT Workshop (Post-Completion) - Hartford
  2. 2/25 How Dehumanization Works
  3. 2/25 The State and the Market in Indian Education
  4. 2/26 Pre-Completion Practical Training (CPT + Pre-OPT) - Hartford
  5. 2/26 Wednesday Workshop: "Connecticut's Tobacco Valley: Imperialism, Migration, and Internal Colonization"
  6. 2/27 Lecture: “Flesh Into Blossom”: The Queer Poetics of Radical Pleasure
  7. 2/27 Black, Queer, & Proud!
  8. 2/27 CPT/Pre-OPT
  9. 2/27 ISSS Coffee Hour: Poland
  10. 2/28 J1 Academic Training Workshop
  11. 3/2 Wannsee Conference Exhibit Opening Reception
  12. 3/2 ISSS International Student Meeting
  13. 3/3 Wannsee Conference Exhibit Opening Reception


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