ICARE for Social Justice

Summer Summit Conference 2022 (#ICARE4Justice)

July 7th-13th · Amsterdam & The Hague, Netherlands

The Intersectional and Comparative Advancement of Racial Equity for Social Justice

The purpose of the Global Summer Summit is to bring together a group of transnational critical scholar-practitioners to analyze, assess and design important considerations for establishing a global strategy and framework for advancing equity for racially and ethnically minoritized communities in education research, praxis and policy. Participants in the summit will have the opportunity to share best practices with each other as they present their diversity and inclusion research related to the promotion of access and equity for racially and ethnically minoritized communities in higher education. Participants will also have the opportunity to cultivate global frameworks centered on racial equity.

The overall plan is for this summit to result in several conference deliverables to disseminate the global framework cultivated including a podcast series, a white paper outlining the framework, a transnational grant, symposia panels, and a special research journal issue. The Intersectional and Comparative Advancement of Racial Equity for Social Justice is a program designed to advance graduate students, faculty, policy makers and community organizers interested in global issues related to racial equity, intersectionality, social justice, decoloniality and anti-colonialism.

Preparing to Depart:

Passports & Visas

Passport: Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 month after the date of your return. 

U.S Passport Holder: Please refer to the U.S State Department for information on passport

Non-U.S Passport Holder: Please refer to your country of origin for information on passports. 

Visa: U.S citizens should not need a visa to visit the Netherlands for stays shorter than 90 days. For non U.S citizens, please refer to the Netherlands Government website to check if you will need a visa for your short stay. 

Booking Your Flight

1. Request your UConn Travel Card: The University Travel Card is a MasterCard credit card to be used by UConn faculty and staff to pay for business expenses on university-related travel. Travel cards are valid for three years from the date of issue. If you do not have a UConn travel card yet, you will need to take the following steps: 

2. Complete a travel request: All participants traveling with UConn funds will be required to complete a travel request through the UConn concur system. Please refer to travel.uconn.edu to access concur. 

        3. Book your flight: All travels should be booked using Anthony Travel, the UConn approved travel agency. Airfares can be booked using the flight search in concur or by emailing uconncampustravel@anthonytravel.com 

          FAQs: For any requisition relation to UConn travel policy, please refer to UConn Work-related Travel

          CISI International Health Insurance

          All UConn participants will be enrolled in the CISI international health insurance. This coverage is comprised of the following principal elements: CISI Health insurance for travelers (Accident and Sickness); Team Assist (AXA) for 24/7 Traveler Assistance (Medical, Travel and Technical); Emergency Medical and Security Evacuation. For more information, please visit UConn CISI website.

          COVID-19 Requirements

          All participants are required to be fully vaccinated (and boosted, if 270 days after the final dose of the first round of vaccination-first shot if single dose, second shot if two doses). Please have your proof of vaccination with you during travel. Due to the rapid change in requirements, participants should refer to the Netherlands Government website for updated information.

          Money & Banking

          Currency in the Netherlands: Euro 

          • Learning the exchange rate before departing is very important. 
          • If you intend to use your personal credit and debit card while in the Netherlands, please make sure to notify your bank. It is important to learn about all the transaction fees that you might incur while abroad. Some credit cards have better fees than others. 
          • Do not bring too much cash or exchange cash at the airport due to high fees.
          • Make copies/scan/photos of your ATM/Credit Cards
          • Know how to report your card stolen (find out your card company’s process ahead of time)

            Packing Tips

            Pack a day bag or a little backpack is a must for sightseeing

            Leave expensive or irreplaceable items (heirlooms, jewelry, high-end electronics, etc.) at home

            Do not over pack. 

            The electricity and plug-ins  in the Netherlands are different than in the U.S;  you will need an adapter and converter in order for your plug-ins to work. Both items can be purchased before leaving. 

            Luggage weight restrictions vary on each airline. Make sure you check the airline’s website for international restrictions. They will ask you to pay extra if you go over or they may ask you to remove things

            Pack in your carry-on:

            • Physical Passport, Copy of your passport
            • Medications (in original containers)
            • Electronics - i.e. Laptop, camera
            • A few toiletries – i.e. toothbrush, and change of clothes in case luggage is lost

            While in Amsterdam:

            Transportation From the Airport to the Hotel

            Participants are expected to make their own plans to get to the hotel. There are multiple options of transportation to Crowne Plaza Hotel Amsterdam South from Schiphol Airport, which include the following:

            • Taxis/Uber: Most convenient method of transportation, but it will also be the most expensive. There will be signs with directions on how to get to the taxi area ar at the Main Plaza
            • Shuttle Buses
            • Train: Participants will travel from Schiphol Airport Train Station to Amsterdam South Zuid station. The hotel is located 3 blocks from the train station. There most common trains leaving from Schiphol are Sprinter and Intercity train and both have trains to Amsterdam South Zuid Station. Here are a couple tips on how to purchase the tickets and choose the train: 
              • Online Train Ticket: Purchase train tickets in advance by using the travel planner on the  Netherlands Train Information website . There is a discount if purchased online. 
              • Train Ticket Machine at Airport: Yellow machines close to the train station at the airport sell train tickets as well. Usually, it can be paid with coins or credit/debit cards. Please note that sometimes the train machines do not accept foreign credit cards.
              • In-Person Ticket Office: Also located close to the train station and an attendant can assist with the purchase and any questions. 

                    Public Transportation in Amsterdam

                    The city offers various methods of public transportation such as bus, tram, metro and ferry. Amsterdam Central Station is the primary station in the city and the majority of transportation services have connections at the station.

                    Hotel Information

                    Hotel in Amsterdam: Participants will be lodged at the Crowne Plaza Amsterdam South while in Amsterdam. The hotel is 10 minutes by train from the city center. The reservation for the hotel has already been made and was part of the registrations. 

                    Hotel in The Hague: Participants will be lodged at Voco Hotel. Located in the Royal Quarter, the hotel is close to the embassy quarter and the Peace Palace. The reservation for the hotel has already been made and was part of the registrations.

                    Preparing to Return to the U.S.:

                    COVID-19 Requirements

                    COVID-19 Requirements: All participants returning to the U.S  are required to be fully vaccinated and follow below requirement: 

                    • Proof of negative Covid-19 test: Test must be done no more than 1 day before the date of departure. The negative test result MUST be shown to the airline during check-in.


                    • Recovery from Covid-19 documents: if you tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 90 day before your departure from the U.S., participants can travel with documentation of recovery. The documents required are the positive COVID-19 test result and a letter from a licensed healthcare provider or public health official stating that you were cleared to travel. 

                    For more information on the requirements to return to the U.S and due to the rapid changes in requirements, please refer to the CDC website for updated information. 

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