International Travel Information

For guidance on travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit the UConn's COVID-19 Response page.

Travel to Cuba and Other Embargoed Regions

U.S. law restricts travel to Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, and the Crimea region of Russia/Ukraine (Embargoed Regions) even for academic/research purposes. Failure to comply with detailed regulatory requirements for such travel may result in criminal or civil penalties for travelers or the University.  To ensure compliance, we remind you that ALL faculty, students, staff, and administrators, regardless of citizenship or immigration status, MUST obtain written approval from UConn’s OVPR Export Control Office ( BEFORE organizing any travel to any Embargoed Region. Travelers must seek approval for each new trip.



1. Travel to Countries with a U.S. Department of State Travel Warning/Alert

This policy establishes how, when and where faculty, postdoctoral research associates, staff, and students may travel abroad for university sponsored or university-related purposes. Download the policy summary.pdf for travel warning countries or visit here for full details. Please note the addendum in the policy pertaining to the new tiered levels of Travel Advisories.

All travelers (faculty, staff, undergraduate students, graduate students) must complete an online travel registration form with UConn Education Abroad and a travel waiver application to have travel approved by Global Affairs. The waiver application can be downloaded within the online registration form. Click here for step-by-step instructions and links to the online registration forms.

2. Student Travel

This policy addresses important requirements for when any student travels abroad for university-sponsored or university related purposes. The policy helps to ensure student access to information essential to their travel abroad, to assess any potential risks and appropriate actions to reduce those risks, and to create University awareness of when and where students are taking advantage of these Global Affairs and related opportunities. Download the policy summary.pdf for student travel or visit here for full details. Undergraduate and Graduate UConn students traveling out of the country for academic reasons (e.g. to conduct research, on a University-sponsored volunteer trip, etc.) or in a professional capacity must register with UConn Global Affairs  in accordance with UConn’s policy on student travel. Students will be automatically enrolled and covered by Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) Health Insurance for the duration of their trips upon their completion of the UConn Global Affairs student travel registration form.

The UConn Travel Services form requires that undergraduate and graduate students obtain an “Ed Abroad Approval ID” in order to complete the form. This ID is only available to you when you complete your registration with UConn Global Affairs.

Please note that there is a $25 registration fee payable via credit card on the registration form. Once you complete the insurance application, UConn Global Affairs will enroll you with CISI coverage and will post the cost of the insurance on your fee bill. The cost of your CISI International Health Insurance is dependent on the duration of your time abroad and your age. The current rate per month is $41.00/month if you are traveling for more than two weeks, or $10.00/week if you are traveling for two weeks or less. Click the “Cultural Insurance Services International Health Insurance” link on the left for information on what this insurance covers.

UConn students traveling with an organized student group:

  1. The group leader meets with the Director of Education Abroad, to go over the details of the trip. Contact to schedule a meeting.
  2. After the meeting, each group member individually completes the online student travel and health insurance registration form.


University-sponsored or University-Related: purposes include credit-bearing Education Abroad programs, internships, research, service learning and volunteer opportunities, conferences, registered student organization activities, student groups affiliated with academic departments, and other non-credit-bearing University programs. This includes the following:

  •  Any travel in connection with activities for which academic credit is sought, including programs operated through UConn’s Office of Global Affairs: Education Abroad (OGA:EA), travel as part of a formal academic program or course of study, internship credit, and travel for independent study credit (including retroactive requests for academic credit).
  • Any travel for purposes of performance, sporting events, service learning, conferences, meetings, professional development or volunteerism organized by a UConn registered student organization or student group affiliated with an academic department of the University.
  • Any travel for which funding is sought through a University-administered account or a student government-administered account within UConn.
  • Any travel that requires travel approval through UConn Travel Services and/or that requires international health insurance through the University-contracted insurance plan.

Helpful Links

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