Human Rights Institute

Uniquely organized around joint faculty appointments made in partnership with the departments of Anthropology, Economics, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, and the Schools of Law and Business, the University of Connecticut Human Rights Institute currently runs one of the largest undergraduate majors and minors in human rights, offers a Graduate Certificate in Human Rights, and sponsors three thematic research clusters centered on health and human rights, humanitarianism and economic  and social rights.

As a university wide program, the Institute advances human rights teaching across all University of Connecticut colleges and schools and pursues novel and critical approaches to human rights scholarship and pedagogy. Our aim is to educate well-rounded scholars with an informed understanding of human rights, promote interdisciplinary scholarship and provide experiential learning for our students. The Institute encourages engaged discussion and academic research on the advantages and limitations of human rights discourse and practice. Our research programs demonstrate the Institute’s commitment to bridging disciplinary boundaries and providing a space for scholars and advocates to exchange knowledge and experience across areas of expertise. Learn More…

Team Members

Prof. Kathy Libal, Ph.D., Director
Phone: 860-486-3878

Prof. Molly Land, Ph.D., Associate Director
Phone: 860-570-5257

Rachel Jackson, Program Manager
Phone: 860-486-5393

Lyndsay Nalbandian, Program Assistant
Phone: 860-486-1041