Global Affairs in UConn Today

‘This is maybe an exaggeration, but it feels like kind of a last chance to hook people into the STEM pipeline’

While cases have not been detected in Connecticut yet, D’Amico answers common questions about the safety of milk products

NavGenie was born from personal experience with adjusting to life at UConn

Researchers from UConn and Western New England University found that when mice were exposed to curcumin during an allergic reaction, they did not develop allergic symptoms

Leadership series allowed students to ask probing questions, gain behind-the-scenes knowledge

CMSC promotes innovation and economic development through modeling and simulation work while teaching the next-generation workforce advanced computing and simulation skills

Each Gilman Scholar is required to complete a service project upon their return from studying abroad in their campus or home community

Students from eight high schools participated in the day-long event, performing a photoswitching chemistry experiment


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