Ngozi Taffe

Associate Vice President for Global Affairs

Ngozi Taffe, Ph.D. is the Associate Vice President for Global Affairs at the University of Connecticut. In this role, she is responsible for driving the strategic vision of the university as it pertains to global partnerships, faculty and student mobility, research, and creating a pipeline for research scholars. Prior to this role, she served as the Assistant Vice President for Global Affairs where her responsibilities included the oversight and development of Experiential Global Learning (EGL) programs, Global Risk, and Program Assessment. In her time as Associate Vice President for Global Affairs, she created the first UConn EGL programs in sub-Saharan Africa (Ghana, Rwanda, Kenya), with many more to come.

A three-time alumna of University of Connecticut (UConn), where she earned a B.S. in Management Information Systems, an M.B.A., with a focus on Global Business Strategy (Lyon, France), and a Ph.D. in Learning, Leadership and Education Policy. Her research focuses on factors that enable persistence among minority groups. Taffe also has over 25 years of progressive leadership experience in the aerospace industry, global enterprise systems implementation, and finance industry. Taffe believes as a global society, our greatest assets are in the richness and diversity of our collective experiences, which is why she encourages people to find and use their voice in spaces where voices are muted. In 2006, she was appointed Commissioner of African American Affairs for the State of Connecticut by the Governor.

During her leisure hours, Taffe enjoys spending time in nature. In 2021, she successfully completed the Camino de Santiago in Spain, a program now offered by UConn’s Experiential Global Learning department, and enthusiastically speaks of the beauty and joy derived from this distinctive journey.

Ngozi Taffe
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Stacy Webb
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