UConn Gives – April 17-18, 2024

The Office of Global Affairs is excited to announce our involvement with UConn Gives and with the help of your support, we can continue to make a lasting impact on students’ lives through the transformative power of education. 

The Experiential Global Learning (EGL) Study Abroad Foundation Account opens doors for students to embark on enriching journeys of self-discovery. By supporting EGL, you enable future students to dive into distinct cultures and develop a deep global awareness that extends far beyond their time at UConn. Your generosity can provide life-changing opportunities, including need-based/merit scholarships, passport funding, and transformative educational experiences that empower students to become global citizens and changemakers. 

Your support for the International Students, Scholars & Refugee Fund ensures that we can provide financial support to international and displaced students and scholars who face financial hardship due to global crises such as war, instability, or environmental disasters. In 2023 alone, the fund supported four students and scholars facing global crises, enabling them to persist and thrive at UConn, despite the challenges they were facing in their home country. 

The best form of support comes from circulation. We encourage you to spread the word to your friends, family, colleagues, and professional network. By inviting others to join in and support, you extend the reach of our mission and amplify the collective impact of all our efforts. 

Your generosity will pave the way for a brighter, more interconnected future, where every student can explore, learn, and positively impact the world here at UConn. Thank you for being a part of our global community and for making a difference in the lives of our students and scholars!