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The first PAGE(S): initiation of Pleistocene Archaeology, Geochronology and Environments of the Southern Caucasus

(from press release: click here)  A team of archaeologists and geologists led by Dr Keith Wilkinson of the University of Winchester is set to examine the history of early humans in Eurasia after being awarded funding to further its research. The £387,792 grant for the Pleistocene Archaeology, Geochronology and Environments of the Southern Caucasus (PAGES) project comes […]

Professor Richard Langlois Appointment and Teaching at the University of Witwatersrand

Professor Richard Langlois of the Department of Economics has recently been appointed distinguished Professor in the School of Economic and Business Sciences (SEBS) at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) in Johannesburg. He will be in residence there for several weeks in July and August, and will be involved in research and in co-teaching a […]

Diaries of a Cold War Diplomat

UConn Today 3/19/2014 Author: Kenneth Best As Russia moved to begin annexing Ukraine’s Crimea region earlier this month, history Prof. Frank Costigliola discusses recent events in his “Rise of U.S. Global Power” class. Costigliola described the classroom discussion as “a golden moment,” a rare confluence of current events intersecting with history that allowed his students […]

The Kennan Diaries

The Leonard Lopate Show 3/18/2014 Interview UConn Professor and Historian Frank Costigliola discusses the diaries of George F. Kennan, America’s most respected foreign policy thinker of the 20th century. His career included early postings in eastern Europe followed by Berlin in 1940–41 and Moscow in the last year of World War II. In 1946, the […]

Studying Latin America at Home

UConn Today 2/25/2014 Author: Samantha Ruggiero ’14 (CLAS) By the time Aaron Dion enrolled as a junior at UConn this past fall, he had already traveled to eight different countries across South America and Europe, and had spent a year living in Chile. A transfer student from Manchester Community College, he originally decided to come […]

UConn Stem Cell Line Goes Global

UConn Today 2/25/2014 Author: David Bauman The University of Connecticut recently signed an agreement with a global supplier of biological research tools to market stem cells developed here to investigators studying genetic disorders around the world. The partnership with KeraFAST will ease the way for other institutions to obtain the cell lines, resulting in more […]

Young Scientist Exchange Takes UConn Researcher to Japan

UConn Today 1/14/2014 Author: Nan Cooper, School of Engineering UConn researcher Anson Ma recently participated in a prestigious U.S.-Japan Young Scientist Exchange Program that enabled him to spend five days visiting top Japanese universities and research centers, where he presented his research on rheology and processing of nanofluids and met with fellow young researchers. More…

UConn Researcher Part Of International Effort To Better Assess Colon Cancer Risk

Hartford Courant 1/3/2014 Author: William Weir A UConn researcher is part of an international team of scientists that has developed a DNA database that will bring colon-cancer risks into sharper focus for patients. Until now, genetic tests have provided only a frustratingly vague idea about patients’ risks for colon cancer. More…