College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Spring 2020 – Weather Conditions and COVID-19 Transmission

Weather Conditions and COVID-19 Transmission Estimates and Projections Main Article via Harvard University May 12, 2020 Ran Xu, Ph.D., an Assistant Professor in the Department of Allied Health Sciences, is part of an international team of researchers studying the impacts of weather on coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission. The team includes researchers from Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts […]

Summer 2013 – Boosting Crop Yields in Australia

Boosting Crop Yields in Australia | 07/17/2013 UConn Today By Steve Criss A new technology developed at UConn that enhances salinity tolerance in plants holds out hope for improving the crop yields of farms in saline areas, like Hansen’s. The vacuolar pyrophosphates (AVP1) technology has already shown significant improvement in barley yields in field tests […]

Fall 2012 – UConn Student Plays Hands-on Role at Rhino Sanctuary, Part 2

For UConn senior Alana Russell ’13 (CANR), wildlife conservation signifies for more than the subject matter that she reads about in class. The natural resources major spent her summer face-to-face with the devastating facts and figures confronting endangered wild animals – especially after she took on an unexpected role in the life of one baby rhino. Read More…