Groomed to Guide World Diplomacy

Groomed to Guide World Diplomacy | 12/10/2013

UConn Today

By Lauren Lalancette

What are the characteristics of the people who staff our nation’s embassies around the world? If the traits and skills that Carl D’Oleo-Lundgren’14 (CLAS) has developed while at UConn are indicative of America’s Foreign Service officers, the future is in competent hands.

Fluent in Arabic and Spanish, and conversational in Japanese, D’Oleo-Lundgren has also studied French, Italian, Latin, and German “on the side. I found I have a knack for languages,” he says.

To advance his plan to be a career diplomat with the U.S. State Department, D’Oleo-Lundgren studied in an intensive Arabic language program funded by an endowment that UConn President Emeritus Philip Austin established. It’s one of about a dozen scholarships that UConn has awarded to D’Oleo-Lundgren. More…