Critical Thinking, Academic Research & Global Citizenship in the 21st Century

July 12, 2021 | Laurel Pehmoeller, Multimedia Specialist, Office of Global Affairs, University of Connecticut

UConn Extends a Virtual Welcome to ECNU Students

UConn ECNU Virtual Program Welcome

Last week, UConn Global kicked off a new virtual program, in partnership with East China Normal University (ECNU), called “Critical Thinking, Academic Research and Global Citizenship in the 21st Century”. East China Normal University is a premier research intensive university, both in China and the world, and seeks to provide its students with a wide range of opportunities to expand their horizons.

This program invites students of the humanities and social sciences from ECNU to participate in three weeks of intensive interdisciplinary study, led by UConn faculty members. In his welcoming remarks Vice President for Global Affairs and Professor of Geography, Daniel Weiner, shared his excitement for the roster of UConn professors who would be delivering the seminars; “You are going to learn from the best, brightest, and the most accomplished faculty at the University of Connecticut. It’s a great honor for us to deliver this program.”

Deputy Director of the International Office at ECNU, Subin Wang, thanked UConn for this collaboration. The program aims to strengthen students’ cross-cultural knowledge, and cultivate a cohort of impactful global citizens through multidisciplinary studies. Participating students will attend 12 seminars on subject matter ranging from art history and visual culture to international cooperation in academic research.

ECNU virtual program screenshot